Our Company

We are a family company that started its operation in 1995 in Venecia of San Carlos, in the Northern of Costa Rica.

Our company is dedicated to grow, process and commercialize the products that we offer national and internationally: heart of palm, pineapples and peach palms of the highest quality and processed under the strictest safety standards.

Our objective is to cultivate 100% natural products, with a high nutritious level; process all these products to facilitate their consumption and commercialize them internationally for letting the global market to taste them in different preparations.

Our company has reached the American market exporting to countries like El Salvador, Panama, Chile, United States and Canada. We also have reached the European market exporting to France and Belgium.

Our production is focused to canned products. But we are aware the world is evolving and the market is changing very fast; that is why in the last years we have been innovating in the presentations, the packages and the taste we offer.