Heart of palm

2The main activity in Alpigo is cultivating, processing and exporting hearts of palm. The cultivated hearts of palm we use for our products are peach palms of the variety Bactris Gasipaes.

Hearts of palm are obtained from the peach palm’s heart. The palm is cut from the side where the leaves grow to the other side, almost reaching the soil; in this part you can find the tenderest product. The heart of palm is white and with a light cream tone.

Alpigo has its own farms where the stems palms are grown according to good agricultural practices in order to guarantee a product that is environmental friendly and an excellent quality raw material

After receiving and selecting the raw material, some hearts of palm are cooked with steam monitoring time and temperature in order to obtain the desired texture. Once they are cooked, they are peeled and cut to be packed in their different presentations.1

Hearts of palm are selected manually to be canned and filled with brine. Then, cans are sealed and they pass for a heat treatment in order to guarantee sterility.

We also offer fresh hearts of palm, vacuum-packed, an original and unique product that gives the customers the possibility to prepare it as they like. This presentation can be easily cooked in just 4 minutes in a microwave.

Every step of the process mentioned before is supervised and monitored under the strictest hygiene and safety standards, getting high quality certified products.